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Tailored Vet Care for Equine, Livestock, and More

We extend our commitment to exceptional veterinary care to large animals of the Upstate, recognizing their unique needs and the importance of preventive health measures.

Our comprehensive large animal wellness programs are designed to ensure the well-being and longevity of your valued animals.

Wellness Exams
Our veterinarians conduct thorough wellness exams for large animals to assess the overall health and functioning of internal systems. Regular check-ups are crucial for early detection and prevention of potential health issues.

Vaccination Programs
We offer expertise in large animal vaccination programs tailored to promote individual animal and herd health protection. Vaccinations are essential for preventing the spread of diseases and maintaining a healthy population.

Interstate Health Certificates
For large animals involved in interstate travel, we provide health certificates to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure the well-being of your animals during transport.

Coggins Testing
Coggins testing is a vital component of equine health, particularly for horses involved in events or travel. We offer Coggins testing to detect Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and support the health of your equine companions.

Lameness Evaluation
Our veterinarians are skilled in assessing and addressing lameness issues in large animals, providing diagnostic and treatment services to enhance mobility and comfort.

Emergency Services
Large animals may encounter emergencies, and our team is equipped to provide prompt and effective emergency veterinary care when needed.

Outpatient Services
For routine treatments and minor health concerns, our outpatient services offer convenience and comprehensive care for your large animals.

Dental health is crucial for large animals, and our dentistry services address issues such as dental exams, cleanings, and treatments for optimal oral health.

Herd Health
Our herd health programs focus on the well-being of the entire group, incorporating preventive measures, vaccinations, and disease management to maintain a healthy and thriving herd.

Parasite control is essential for large animals, and our deworming protocols are designed to manage and prevent parasitic infections.

Digital Radiography
State-of-the-art digital radiography services allow for accurate and efficient imaging for diagnostic purposes in large animals.

Sports Medicine and Lameness
Our expertise in sports medicine and lameness enables us to address performance-related issues in large animals, ensuring optimal athletic function.

Pre-purchase Examinations
For those considering acquiring large animals, our pre-purchase examinations provide a comprehensive assessment of the animal’s health and suitability for your needs.

Laboratory Services
We offer a range of laboratory services for large animals, including blood tests and diagnostic screenings to support accurate health assessments.

Tailored nutrition plans are essential for large animals, and our team provides guidance to ensure your animals receive the appropriate dietary support.

Disease Treatment
In the unfortunate event of disease occurrence, our large animal veterinary services include effective disease treatment protocols to support recovery.

Mesotherapy is utilized for pain management and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in large animals, promoting their comfort and well-being.

Our ultrasound services aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of internal conditions in large animals, supporting comprehensive health assessments.

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